THE INJUSTICE: Man Who Won Free Burger King For Life Gets Turned Away After Visiting 13 Times In 15 Days

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Jena Greene Reporter
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An Oregon man who won free Burger King for life is suing the fast food chain, claiming he was sent away after visiting the establishment over a dozen times in two weeks.

Curtis Brooner was awarded free Burger King for the next 22 years after he was accidentally locked inside of the restaurant’s bathroom and sustained injuries in his attempt to escape. Not sure why somebody would ever want to return to a Burger King after living through such a traumatic incident, but different strokes for different folks, right? (RELATED: Take 22 Seconds Out Of Your Day To Peep This Electric McDonald’s Brawl)


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Anywho. Brooner was given free Burger King for the next 22 years and sent on his merry way. This happened back in mid-December. Fast forward to now, Brooner has been enjoying his fair share of good old BK, as anyone in his position might.

But when Brooner stopped in for a standard meal on Dec. 28, he was turned away. Told “district management,” had revoked his privilege, he was understandably shaken.

This isn’t a guy who was taking advantage of the system. Brooner says he routinely visited this Burger King even before he’d been given the free-meals-for-life pass. He was a loyal customer and often stopped there on his way to work. It had become a part of his commute.


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So, Brooner decided this was enough. Getting locked into a bathroom was one thing. Getting denied free meals for life after it’s so kindly promised to you is quite another. So he’s seeking $9,026 — about what one Whopper meal a week would cost for the next 22 years — in damages from BK.

I seriously don’t see what’s wrong with this picture. Curtis Brooner was promised something, and this franchise reneged on its promise. This is a serious miscarriage of justice. And if he doesn’t get his $9,026, I might lose my mind. In fact, I don’t think Brooner is seeking enough from Burger King. Consider all the emotional damage he sustained from this! There’s no telling if he’ll ever be able to eat at a restaurant again. The sheer sight of a Whopper Jr. might put him over the edge. Is Burger King prepared to have blood on their hands, should this ever occur?


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2 for $6. one for you. one for… also you.

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I’m telling you, if they don’t fix this right now, they could have a real problem on their hands. It could get ugly. I’m talking international protests, more lawsuits, maybe even bathroom inspections. It could be bad, bad, bad for this company. I’d hate to see it.

You better believe we’re gonna keep a close eye on this one.

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