CNN’s Chris Cuomo Unexpectedly Defends The Wall


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo provided an unexpected defense for a physical border barrier during a debate with colleague Don Lemon on Monday night.

Cuomo and Lemon were sparring over whether or not news networks should carry President Donald Trump’s national address live when Lemon accused the president of spreading “propaganda.” (RELATED: Here’s What Would Happen If Trump Declared A National Emergency To Build The Wall)

“The president will say what he has to say. People will believe it whether the facts are true or not,” Lemon asserted. “And then by the time the rebuttals come on we’ve already promoted propaganda possibly unless he gets up there and tells the truth.”


Cuomo surprisingly responded by defending the president’s right to make his plea to the American people and even knocked the idea that a border wall or barrier is inherently wrong or immoral.

“Wanting barriers along the border is not propaganda. It’s not immoral. It’s not wrong,” Cuomo admitted.

Lemon countered that “the facts around” the border wall are incorrect, but admitted that a border barrier could be a part of a larger solution to bolster border security.

“It’s not a panacea, it’s not a cure-all. There are other aspects and other technologies that go along with that,” Lemon said.

Trump will make the case for tougher border security during an Oval Office address Tuesday night. The president will take a trip to the southern border Thursday.

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