Nancy Pelosi Just Can’t Bring Herself To Tell The Truth

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On Thursday’s podcast, we get into the claim by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the State of the Union should be delayed over security concerns related to the shutdown. We also discuss liberals’ use of homophobic smears against Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, the Washington Post becoming the victim of fake news, MSNBC anchors thinking education spending has been slashed across the country, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appearing ready to pull a group sexual act on the progressive agenda (her words).

Listen to the show:

Nancy Pelosi is so concerned for the security of the president and members of Congress that she wants to postpone the State of the Union Address until after the shutdown. She apparently fears that Secret Service isn’t professional enough to do its job while the agency’s pay is deferred. When it was pointed out to her that the Secret Service says its perfectly prepared for the speech, she responded, “I don’t care what they said.” (RELATED: New American Moment: Trump Channels Reagan In Call To Make America Great Again)

This attempted delay is, of course, nothing more than a ploy to deny the president a national stage from which to point out the strength of the economy and make another call for funding the wall. Most importantly, and most terrifying to Democrats, is what the president would most certainly do — use the occasion to highlight “angel families,” Americans who’ve lost loved ones to illegal aliens. Presidents invite Americans to sit with the first lady during the speech, and there’s no doubt President Donald Trump would invite such family members. Liberals can’t allow that visual to happen. We make the case. (RELATED: Trump Listens To North Korean Defectors Tell Their ‘Amazing’ Stories At The White House)

Liberals are quick to cry “homophobia” against comedians for decades-old jokes, but silent when they deploy homophobia to attack Republicans. MSNBC personality Stephanie Ruhle claimed South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham supports Trump because Graham is gay and afraid of being outed. Ruhle isn’t alone, liberals have a long history of gay jokes and smears against Graham, but they’re never called out for them because they’re the ones who’d call them out. We expose them.

The Washington Post was very upset Wednesday by some fake news done in their name. A group of liberal activists printed a fake edition of the paper claiming Trump resigned. The Post scrambled to denounce the hoax, but a parody with liberal fever-dreams throughout it wouldn’t be so believable if it didn’t so closely resemble the real thing.

MSNBC personalities Katy Tur and Ali Velshi had a discussion about education and both were convinced governments across the country have been slashing education budgets for years. They blame trickle-down economics and tax cuts in general while claiming that “spreading the wealth around” is the only way to go.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced her plans to gangbang the progressive agenda this year in Congress. If that sounds crazy, that’s only because it is. But it’s what she said when she used the slang term “run train” in response to the Washington Post. You can’t make this stuff up.

Plus, we have shutdown sob stories, as collected by Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, set to the music from the documentary “The Civil War,” inserted throughout the show. You won’t want to miss it.

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