POLL: Is The ‘Miracle On Ice’ The Greatest Sports Moment In American History?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Lots of people seem to agree with me that the “Miracle on Ice” game is the greatest moment in American sports history.

Over the weekend, I found myself watching some clips from “Miracle,” and it immediately had me asking myself a question. Was the upset of the Soviet Union’s hockey team at the 1980 Olympics the greatest sports moment in the history of this great country?

I asked my followers, “Is the USA defeating the Soviet Union in the “Miracle on Ice” game the greatest sports moment in American history?” (RELATED: You Should Leave The Country If You Don’t Love The Movie ‘Miracle‘)

Over 2,400 people voted, and 73 percent voted yes. That’s the correct answer because there’s nothing else that holds up to what Herb Brooks and that team accomplished.

It’s not that there aren’t other great sports moments. For example, Jesse Owens humiliating the Nazis was incredible, and it’s an all-time great Olympic moment.

However, what makes the “Miracle” game so great is the fact we were playing a bunch of college kids against the Soviet juggernaut.

Does everybody remember how the game ended? We smacked the Russians back to their homeland before beating Finland for the goal.

It was so damn patriotic. It also provided us with the greatest call in sports history, courtesy of Al Michaels.

It was a moment of pride that Americans everywhere could enjoy. The Soviets sent the best team in the world, we sent some college kids and we beat the hell out of them.

Welcome to America! That game, in my opinion, is the greatest sports moment in the history of the USA.

P.S.: I couldn’t write this story without linking the speech. Enjoy!