McCarthy: Pelosi Is ‘Almost Acting Like A Dictator’

Mike Brest Reporter
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy accused Speaker Pelosi of “almost acting like a dictator” during his appearance on “Hannity” Wednesday night after the speaker cancelled President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address earlier in the day.

Pelosi on Wednesday officially announced in a letter that she will not allow Trump to deliver his State of the Union address to Congress on January 29. The cancellation came after the president practically dared Pelosi to make the move.


“The speaker of the House invited President Trump on January 3rd when we were sworn in. She also said that should be a town hall, a place where we can have debates and others. I truly believe history will mark this as a low point for the speaker of the House, for that office, to disinvite this president,” McCarthy began. “That’s why tomorrow, I am bringing forth to the floor a privileged resolution disapproving of the actions of this speaker.”

“Explain what the privilege resolution does. That gives you the opportunity to get an up and down vote,” Hannity interjected. (RELATED: Trump Holds Fast On Shutdown As Advisers Warn Of Consequences)

“It gives everybody an opportunity to vote for this. So those Democrat freshmen who do not like the action of what this speaker is taking because I’ve heard it numerous times, I’ve heard from senior members of the Democrats, the chair of Agriculture Committee, he said give Trump the money. The Armed Services chair says walls work,” McCarthy answered.

President Trump talks to reporters after addressing closed Senate Republican policy meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington

U.S. President Donald Trump talks to reporters as Vice President Mike Pence looks on as the president departs after addressing a closed Senate Republican policy lunch while a partial government shutdown enters its 19th day on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., January 9, 2019. REUTERS/Jim Young.

Even the number two Steny Hoyer believes in having a barrier or a wall. So what Speaker Pelosi is doing is almost acting like a dictator. By bringing a privilege resolution allows a vote on the floor to disapprove of this action,” he continued. “I believe at no other time in America it is more important than now to have the president, the senators, the House members, Republican and Democrats alike, all in one place talking about where America’s at today and where we can go in the future.”

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