REVIEW: ‘I Am The Night’ Draws Plenty Of Intrigue In Premiere Episode

I Am The Night (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube TNT)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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“I Am the Night” got off to a solid start in its premiere episode Monday night on TNT.


As everybody knows, I’d been waiting with high expectations for this show about Chris Pine about the Black Dahlia killing. I thought it looked incredible from the first moment I saw a preview.

Who wouldn’t be be hooked into a show about one of the most famous murders in the history of America? I wanted every ounce of content. (RELATED: Everybody Is Talking About This Upcoming Show About An Infamous Murder. Check Out The Preview)

However, I must admit that the first episode wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. It started a little slow as it laid the ground work for the characters of Jay (Pine), Fauna Hodel (India Eisley) and Dr. Hodel (Jefferson Mays).

Now, everybody who knows the history behind the slaying of Elizabeth Short knows that Dr. George Hodel was considered a suspect and he lived in the Sowden House. Fauna Hodel, who was mixed-race, was his granddaughter, although she didn’t know that for a large portion of her life.


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The end of the episode features the infamous house and doctor as a a sense of doom lingers over the whole show. That’s where “I Am the Night” has the potential to become great.

We’ll never know the story of what actually happened, but exploring Hodel’s relationship with his granddaughter and his depiction in the show as the likely killer should be incredible.

Was it a little slower than I would have liked? Yes, but sometimes a lot of groundwork is necessary, especially when telling such a complicated tale.


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We see Fauna make her way to Los Angeles, and I hope that means things are going to pick up. In order for “I Am the Night” to be successful, it’ll have have to follow in the footsteps of “True Detective.”

The groundwork is there. It is there! I want to stress that, but we haven’t seen anything absolutely outstanding materialize just yet. Maybe my expectations were simply too high because of “True Detective.” I liked it a lot, but it’s just not where I think it can finish at right now. The ceiling certainly can go higher, despite the strong start.

However, I’m optimistic. I love dark content, and it looks like “I Am the Night” has plenty of that. Make sure to keep tuning in on Monday nights to see how the story develops and where it takes us.