Walls Across America: Chelsea Handler’s ‘Wall To End All Walls’

The Daily Caller

Nick Sherman Contributor
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The Daily Caller’s very own Benny Johnson embarked on a “wall-to-wall” journey to showcase some of the best and biggest walls in America. One stop along the way was anti-Trump comedian Chelsea Handler’s Hollywood mansion, which is surrounded by a very extravagant wall.

Handler’s wall surrounds her house in Los Angeles, California. The comedian is reportedly selling her 5,572-square-foot house for a listed price of  $11.5 million.

The original Caller production scours America looking for walls, specifically looking for walls that guard celebrity houses. Johnson searches for each wall in a Dodge Grand Caravan and then tests each one to see whether his caravan can make it through without proper consent from the homeowners.

As Johnson put Handler’s wall: “This the wall to end all walls.”

Handlers wall consists of a concrete base, shrubbery, and an even taller wall on top. It also consists of a gateway, which Johnson described as “beautiful” as well as security cameras.

Johnson says of Handlers wall, “this is so smart, alright, in my wall-hunting years, I have never seen a wall so special . . . It’s very important to add extra walls to the walls you already have.”

Handler has long been a detractor of President Trump’s plan for a border wall.

This clip is part of a larger video where Johnson investigates many other anti-Trump celebrities walls, including late night show host Jimmy Kimmel. (RELATED: Walls Across America: Jimmy Kimmel’s Great Wall)

In the entire video, Johnson explores walls belonging to other Trump adversaries like Mark Hamil, Jim Carrey, and Barbara Streisand.