John Kasich Joins Social Media Push, Tweets Video About First Yoga Session

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich jumped on the social media bandwagon with a live tweet on Saturday, claiming that he’d just finished his first yoga class.

While he didn’t actually include video of the class itself, he talked about the need to try new things and to stay active. “Change is really good,” he said. “It keeps you young, and has you looking into the future.”

Kasich has hinted a number of times about re-entering the political fray, refusing to say outright that he has ruled out another stab at the presidency — although he did admit last fall that, in a Republican primary, he did not expect to be able to beat President Donald Trump. (RELATED: Kasich Admits He Wouldn’t Beat Trump In Republican Primary)

For the time being, however, Kasich has joined CNN as a political analyst — but he’s also joining a number of 2020 Democratic contenders and freshman legislators who have used social media to reach a larger audience and better connect with regular citizens.

The trend appears to have begun with Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who posted several Instagram live videos that featured her cooking dinner while discussing policy. Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who just announced her 2020 presidential run, followed suit by drinking beer in a subsequent live stream.

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