Republicans Strike An Awful Deal On Border Security


Derek Hunter Contributor
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On the show today, we talk about the so-called “deal” Republicans and Democrats struck to fund the government and secure the southern border. It’s an awful deal that actually spends less money on a “barrier” than Republicans would have gotten had they done nothing. You can’t make this up. Plus, Governor Blackface in Virginia is instituting “sensitivity training” in the state government and schools in his attempt to make up for his racism. Also, an anti-Semitic Democratic member of Congress is sorry for being a bigot, but she’s really not. Beto O’Rourke thinks walls kill people, and a real life “Assman” is fighting to have his name on a vanity license plate.

Listen to the show:

As soon as President Donald Trump agreed to reopen the government it was inevitable — Democrats were going to win their fight to keep the southern border essentially open. Now, Congressional negotiators have struck a deal, and it’s worse than you could’ve imagined. Less money for the wall than if they’d done nothing, and a cut in the number of beds ICE can have to hold criminal illegal aliens. Yes, Democrats actively fought for the release of criminals who shouldn’t be in this country because they care more about non-citizens than they do citizens. We break it all down and impart the most important lesson — never have a Republican Member of Congress negotiate your salary, you’ll get screwed.

Virginia Gov. Ralph “Blackface” Northam is starting his “woke” tour of the state and wants to institute “sensitivity training” for state employees, students on college campuses, and even K-12 kids. None of them wore blackface, that was Ralph, but everyone must be punished because, he claims, his racism is an indication of a societal problem. No, it’s not. It’s him, he did it, not everyone else. Attempting to indoctrinate the whole state won’t change his past, but he’s hoping it will protect his future.

Speaking of bigots, Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is sorry, though not really. She “unequivocally” apologized for her anti-Semitic tweets, then proceeded to equivocate them. She’s so marinated in hatred of Jews that she can’t understand how anyone could be offended by her. Will Democrats hold her to any standard? Unlikely.

A Native American congresswoman is giving ethnic-fraud Elizabeth Warren a pass on cultural identity theft because she’s progressive. Congresswoman Deb Haalan of New Mexico said, “I would never tell anyone how they should identify themselves. Someone decides on their own.” Seriously, she said that. We have the audio. Somewhere Rachel Dolezal is crying herself to sleep.

Everyone’s favorite Irishman, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, spoke Monday at an anti-wall rally in El Paso, Texas and pointed out something people must’ve missed for the last 5000 years — walls kill people. Not kidding, he said that. We have the audio and rightly mock him for it.

And a man with the last name “Assman” wants his name on a vanity plate for his car, but the government of province in Canada won’t let him get it. It’s a total pain in the ass.

All that and more on the show today.

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