Woman Refuses To Move Bag On Packed Train, Cops Called To Remove Her

YouTube/, Courtesy of Thaedra Frangos

Jacob Orgel Contributor
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Video footage of a New Jersey Transit rider has gone viral after police were called to assist in removing her from the train Wednesday for refusing to move her bag off of a seat.

The woman remained steadfast even when passengers and the conductor got involved and asked her to lift the bag — which appears to be Louis-Vuitton — from the seat next to her on the packed Trenton-bound train.

“You’re not disabled. You’re not pregnant. I don’t give a fuck,” the woman said. “I don’t want your bed bugs. I don’t want your smell.”

When a transit official later tapped the woman’s bag and asked her to move it so other riders could sit, she could be heard responding: “Don’t put your hands on my stuff.”

She barely lifted her head from her phone while calling her fellow passengers “disgusting” and claiming that the area occupied by her bag was her “personal space.”

The woman ultimately decided not to cooperate with the police and exited on her own, according to NJ Transit spokeswoman Lisa Torbic. (RELATED: Canadian Woman Goes Ballistic On The Bus. The Video Is Absurd)

“We encourage customers to make every seat available by placing bags on their laps or on overhead luggage racks and complying with the direction of train crews,” Torbic said in a statement.

Thaedra Frangos, who took the video of the exchange, commended NJ Transit for its handling of the situation.

“No one was angry at [NJ Transit],” she told “[We were] just irritated with her inability to act like a normal person on public transportation.”