Keurig Goes Alcoholic With New Cocktail Maker

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Keurig and Anheuser Busch are releasing a new drink machine, the Drinkworks Drinkmaker.

The twist on this new Keuring-like appliance: it creates alcoholic beverages. Along with the new drink maker, Keurig is releasing 15 flavored cocktail pods and no these pods are not to be consumed by people under 21.

They offer a “Classic Collection” of drinks that includes the most tried and true cocktails, such as a cosmopolitan, old fashioned and a mojito. They also have a “Paradise Collection,” which includes a mai tai and two different flavored margaritas. Oh and they also are going to have beer pods?


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This news is crazy. Now you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to drink as many cocktails as you want, with extra convenience.

See that’s the thing with cocktails; they’re hard to make at home. You usually have almost everything you need to make them but one ingredient, and then you’re annoyed because you have to go to the grocery store. (RELATED: The Queen Reportedly Drinks Four Cocktails A Day, Including One For Breakfast)

Do people really want to sit at home and drink cocktails though? Maybe on a nice day when you want to be outside by the pool. However, I feel like most people crave the social setting of being somewhere that isn’t your home. This new drink machine could be a good thing, though.

There’s now going to be no excuse for not being able to make an old fashioned … because you don’t even have to do it anymore.