CNN Focus Group: Biden Needs To ‘Stay Away’

Phillip Stucky Contributor
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A CNN focus group unanimously argued that former Vice President Joe Biden needs to stay out of the 2020 presidential race Tuesday on “New Day.”

“His time is done,” one Democratic voter said in response to the possibility of Biden running for president.

“I will be honest. . . . Obviously, I rode the Obama wave, and I thought he was a person that would unite the party, but to be honest, you know, Sen. Biden really comes from kind of the good-old-boy politics of the past,” another voter argued. “I don’t think Joe Biden represents that new thing that we need. We need a new economy, we need a new politics and we need someone different.” (RELATED: Joe Biden Calls Mike Pence ‘A Decent Guy’ Then Backtracks)

The six-person panel all identified themselves as people who supported former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential race. But that support didn’t translate to the 2020 cycle. The respondents had the same response to the possibility of another Clinton run in 2020.

“I love you, Hillary, I love you, I love you, but stay away,” one voter said of Clinton. “We are so divided right now that anything that has Hillary on it is automatically going to separate us again.”

“I just think her time is done. I think it’s been — it’s done. We do need something new,” another chimed in. (RELATED: ‘I’m Not Running In 2020, Hillary Claims)

Despite their reluctance to support either Biden or Clinton, nearly every member of the focus group believed that former President Barack Obama needed to join in the race and campaign in favor of whichever Democrat survived the highly contentious party primary.