Mindblowing Orgasm Leads To Stroke For UK Woman


Nick Sherman Contributor
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A U.K. woman, 44, reportedly suffered a stroke while “nearing orgasm” as her partner performed oral sex.

The unnamed woman passed out while her boyfriend performed oral sex on her, according to The Sun.

According to the report, her partner said that she was not unconscious for more than three minutes. When they got to the hospital, she only had a minor headache and was not convulsing.

The BMJ authored a case report concerning this incidence, written by Johnathan Holmes and Yunis Gokdogan from Wessex Middlesex University Hospital and the Emergency Department of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in the United Kingdom, respectfully.

Once in the hospital, she was sent to the neurosurgical unit for testing, where she was found to have had a subarachnoid hemorrhage, or a stroke involving an aneurysm or ruptured blood clot that causes the brain cavity to fill with fluid.

Mr. Gokdogan said that “rigorous activity” which includes sex can cause this type of Aneurysm. He also warns that sudden increases in blood pressure can be a risk factor, as reported by The Sun.

It has been four months since the incident occurred, and the woman is reportedly doing well. She still has to do required check-ups with the hospital.

This is one of two stories concerning orgasm-related injuries published by The Sun. Another recent story involves a woman who suffered anaphylactic shock after ingesting her boyfriend’s semen right after he had taken penicillin.