‘Serious Family Emergency’ Prevents Judge Jeanine’s Appearance On ‘Hannity’

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A “serious family emergency” kept Judge Jeanine Pirro from a previously scheduled appearance on “Hannity,” Fox News host Sean Hannity told his audience at the end of his Friday night show.


“All right, before I go tonight I want to let you know. I had promoted yesterday and on my radio show today that Judge Jeanine Pirro would be joining us tonight on the program,” Hannity said. “She had a really serious family emergency come up, couldn’t be with us. I don’t know the nature of it, but we always pray for her.”

Pirro had been suspended from her Saturday evening Fox News show earlier this month, presumably for linking Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s hijab to “her adherence to Sharia law,” a system she said is “antithetical to the United States Constitution.” (RELATED: Trump Really Wants Judge Jeanine Back On Fox News)

The nature of Pirro’s family emergency is unclear. Hannity made news Wednesday night by telling President Trump during their phone interview that Pirro would be “back Saturday.” It isn’t known if the emergency will prevent the Fox News weekend host’s return, but some indicators seemed positive.

Pirro did tweet a “right back at ya” at 7:23 p.m. EST on Friday to Dr. Sebastian Gorka after the former Trump deputy assistant tweeted the news of her return to Fox News the previous day.

Additionally, on Saturday morning Dan Bongino tweeted his plans to be on the show.

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