Hot Deal Alert: These Easy Installation Solar Lights Are 40 Percent Off For a Limited Time

Anne Kocsis Contributor
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It’s that time of year again. The winter elements took their toll and it’s time to clean up outside. As you clean out your flower beds and edge the lawn, it’s a great time to reassess the overall curb appeal of your property. Do you need to do some additional planting? Does anything need to be re-painted? Perhaps, you need to update your lighting. Outdoor lighting not only makes a property look great, it adds a layer of safety. There are so many easy to install options to show off different areas on your property. You can highlight your yard with walkway lights, shine attention on your flower beds, showcase the deck, or light up the base of your trees. It is all about personal preference.
This set of six solar lights provides perfect and inexpensive outdoor lighting or decoration (Photo via Amazon)

This set of six solar lights provides perfect and inexpensive outdoor lighting or decoration (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $99, you can get the Solarplex Solar Pathway Outdoor Lighting set for $40 off it’s retail price 

We use solar lights in our flower beds and around our back patio.  These lights are so easy to use.  Many of the newer sets do not even require wire installation. Just place the stakes where you want them and turn on the auto-light switch. They store solar power and come on automatically every night, allowing you to come home to a well-light path to your front door. Amazon has many options for outdoor pathway lighting.
Amazon has one of the nicest sets on sale now for 40% off the list price. The Solarplex Solar Pathway Outdoor Lighting Set has a glass bowl that contains two warm bright LED lights in each lamp. The tiered light has a bronze finish and projects an eye-catching design around each light. Similar lights have plastic lamps which can get filmy build up on them over time. The glass bowls on the Solarplex lights offer continued vivid lighting that remains bright year after year. The material is not only attractive, it is also waterproof and weather resistant. The beautiful lighting feature holds up all year round through rain, heat, ice, and even snow. Each well constructed light measures 17.7 inches from the top of the lamp to the bottom of the stake. The sturdy lamp top is 5.9 inches across and comes with 2 volt 0.8 watt bulbs. The stakes are easy to place and they stay on from dusk to dawn. The unique design also allows you to take apart for annual spring cleaning.
According to the reviews, the pictures don’t do these lights justice. They are an elegant high quality set of lights that will beautify any yard. The six piece set retails for $99.99 and Amazon has them reduced for only $59.99. Take advantage of this fantastic price reduction and get enough sets for your whole property.  At this amazing price, they won’t last long!
(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

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