Wichita State Loses To Lipscomb In The NIT Final Four. Will Their Fans Cry?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Wichita State didn’t do themselves any favors last night after losing to Lipscomb in the NIT.

As I’m sure you all already know, I’ve been taking some serious heat from WSU fans because I had the audacity to point out that the NIT is a joke and people shouldn’t celebrate playing in it.

Playing for the right to call yourself the 69th best team in America is nothing to applaud. It’s embarrassing and should be done away with. (RELATED: Wichita State Embarrassingly Celebrates Making The NIT Final Four)

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People called me a variety of different terms that I won’t repeat here, but I rose above the noise. I could tell a reckoning was on the horizon, and I bit my tongue.

That reckoning came Tuesday night when the Shockers blew a double-digit lead in less than 10 minutes to lose 71-64 to the Bison. There was an 18-point swing in a matter of seven minutes.

Oh, how sweet does it taste? How sweet does it feel? The entire state of Kansas wanted me to believe that I was an idiot who knew nothing about sports.

Give me a break. Congrats to WSU on being the 71st or 72nd best team in America. What a wildly impressive accomplishment. Maybe next year they’ll crack the top 60!


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I don’t want to hear any excuses from all the WSU faithful out there. Save the garbage about being young and inexperienced.

None of that matters. You either win or you don’t. For all the big game the Shockers talked, they damn sure didn’t back it up in a consolation tournament that shouldn’t even exist.

If they can’t dominate the NIT, then why would any of us take them seriously?

Better luck next year, gentlemen! As for now, let the rest of us get back to focusing on the tournament that actually matters. You know, that one tournament for teams that are actually good.

Tune in this Saturday night on CBS if you wanna see some major basketball go down in the real Final Four.

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