Univision Host Suggests Border Agents Should Dodge Hurled Rocks Instead Of Building The Wall

The Story Of Martha MacCallum (4/5)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Univision host Enrique Acevedo suggested during a Friday interview with Martha MacCallum that instead of building the wall, it would be more financially sound for border patrol agents simply to dodge the rocks hurled at them from across the border.


“Just listening to the woman with the customs and border patrol, Enrique―describing that they had rocks getting thrown at their agents,” MacCallum began, after showing a clip of a female border agent talking. “She said this is so much better having the wall they can see through because they can see what’s coming at them from the other side and it helps, you know, keeps them safer in their job. That sounds like a good thing, right?”

“Well, it’s always a good thing when we can keep border patrol agents, federal agents safer. I would just ask you, Martha, is it worth $25 billion to keep people 100, 200, 300 yards away from the border to throwing rocks at agents on the other side when you just do this [bends out of frame]. Is that worth $25 billion?” Acevedo asked. (RELATED: Tucker Calls Out Reporter Covering The Caravan Who Says It’s Mostly Women And Babies)

MacCallum questioned, “They should dodge the rocks? You think they should just dodge the rocks?”

“Is it worth $25 billion to do that or we can invest that money in just smarter ways? I think we can,” Acevedo responded.

MacCallum proceeded to show a clip of people swimming and climbing under barbed wire in Custom and Border Patrol’s (CBP) Yuma Sector in Arizona in an effort to come into the country illegally.

Acevedo is a frequent guest on the network and he often advocates against the necessity of a border wall.

The segment comes on the same day President Donald Trump visited the border in California.

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