Video Shows Woman Being Harassed For Wearing A MAGA Hat

[Facebook/Screenshot/Public - User: PalomaForTrump]

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A supporter of President Donald Trump was harassed at a San Diego post office for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

A video posted on the “Paloma For Trump” Facebook page Saturday shows the Hispanic woman (apparently Paloma) being harassed, and nearly assaulted by a female who took issue with Paloma’s pro-Trump hat. The video is captioned: “Attacked by a liberal for my hat!” (RELATED: Woman Assaulted Man Sporting MAGA Hat. Now ICE Is Looking To Send Her Packing)

In the video, the unknown woman approaches the MAGA hat-wearer in an aggressive manner, while appearing to swipe at her camera. The woman then takes out her cell phone to record Paloma.

Paloma frequently posts memes, videos, and other pro-Trump content to her Facebook page. Her posts and videos frequently focus on the subject of illegal immigration, while also denigrating 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, such as former Vice President Joe Biden and Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. (RELATED: Biden’s Accuser Says Politics Was The ‘Impetus’ For Coming Forward- Also Unhappy With Handling Of Anita Hill)

The Daily Caller has reached out to Paloma for comment and will update this story if she responds.

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