Florida Women Caught Naked At Rest Stop, Lead Police On Intense Car Chase

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Three Florida women gave the old “Florida man” a run for his money when the ladies were caught naked at a rest stop and then lead police on an intense car chase.

It all went down in Pasco County, Florida, on Wednesday morning, when cops pulled up to a rest stop where three women were reported to be “standing in the nude putting on suntan lotion,” per the Bradenton Herald.

In video shared Friday by FOX 13 News-Tampa Bay we can see how the whole thing went down. (RELATED: Driver Refuses To Pull Over For Cops, Says Car Chase Was On His ‘Bucket List’)


When police arrived, the ladies reportedly told the responding trooper that they were not suntanning, but had just taken showers and were air-drying. (RELATED: Man Films High-Speed Car Chase Then The Car Hit Him)

Suddenly, the naked ladies then bolted for their car and jumped into a Nissan Sentra and sped off.

The initial trooper gave chase after the ladies, but quickly decided to back off for fear of putting other’s lives in jeopardy.

A second trooper then spotted the car and that was allegedly weaving in and out of traffic, even going the wrong way at some points. So that officer started his pursuit of the vehicle and managed to get a StarChase projectile on them, thereby allowing them to be tracked. The trooper then backed off.

A short time later, officers located the Sentra parked at a convenience store. An officer tried to arrest one of the woman, but the driver stopped the trooper by attempting to run the cop over.

The suspects then took off again but the chase was soon over after police were able to deploy the use of a spike strip and PIT maneuver to stop the vehicle.

Troopers said even with the car stopped the three ladies continued to resist arrest by not coming out of the vehicle and locking arms. It all finally ended with the use of a taser. The three woman, were booked in the county jail and now face charges of fleeing to elude, resisting arrest and aggravated assault.

The driver was identified as 18-year-old Oasis Mcleod, with 19-year-old passengers, Jeniyah Mcleod and Cecilia Young, per law enforcement.

Definitely another strange one for the books.