Carlson: Valerie Jarrett’s Book Sold No Copies, Makes Best Seller List

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Phillip Stucky Contributor
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted on his Monday show that Valerie Jarrett, former adviser to President Barack Obama, doesn’t appear to have sold many copies of her book, despite managing to top the New York Times bestseller list.

“So former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett has a new book out. If you didn’t know that, you were not alone,” Carlson said. “Nobody knew that nobody cares. The book is called “Finding My Voice” and—we’re not being mean, just honest—it’s not even in the top 1,000 on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It has almost no reviews, like four reviews.” (RELATED: Obama Advisor’s Book Is Ranked 1,030 On Amazon. How Did It Make NYT’s Best Seller List?)

“So it’s not selling any copies and yet, here’s the amazing part: the New York Times put it 14th on the bestseller list. So a book that sold no copies made the New York Times best seller list. So book industry insiders who spoke to The Daily Caller News Foundation described that as “inconceivable.” So inconceivable in fact that there’s only one explanation for it: fraud. Turns out there are private companies—the companies buy an author’s book in bulk for a fee in order to guarantee bestseller status.”

“We’re not saying that happened. We are just strongly suggesting that it must’ve happened,” Carlson concluded. “Until now, Jarrett’s accomplishments in life was being friends with Barack and Michelle Obama, but now she has a new fake achievement: best-selling author. Congrats.”

The segment came a day after The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Luke Rosiak published an article that revealed significant discrepancies in reporting book sales for the politico’s first publication. Jarrett’s book was published April 2, and was ranked 1,030 on Amazon’s list of top sellers, and 1,244 on Barnes & Noble’s list. Rosiak also noticed that signed copies were marked down below the original suggested sale price of the book. Despite all of this, the New York Times had the book rated number 14 on their list of best-sellers.

“Given the organic sales of that book and the fact that during the entire week of rollout it barely cracked the top 100 on Amazon, there’s no way the book should have a place on the NYT Best Seller list. Inconceivable,” one prominent book industry insider, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “There’s likely an effort to game the system, it’s the only explanation.”