Mark Levin Blasts ‘Volume II’ Of Mueller Report: ‘It’s A 200-Page Op-Ed!’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Conservative radio host Mark Levin let loose on the Mueller report Friday, calling “Volume II” of the report “a 200-page op-ed” and “a political document that he never should have written.”

Levin argued that “Volume I,” which was the section dealing with possible collusion, was handled properly. His issue, he explained, is with “Volume II” — the section dealing with the evidence for and against any attempts by the White House to obstruct the investigation.


Levin began by pointing out that everyone was focusing on “Volume II,” and he argued that was by design.

“This report, ‘Volume II’ doesn’t have a syllable of legal significance,” he began. “There is not a syllable of law in it. It doesn’t matter what McGahn said or what the president said. None of it has been tested in a court of law. There has been no challenge to it. There has been no cross-examination. Nothing. That’s why Mueller wrote this.”

Levin went on to argue that Mueller likely knew that CNN and MSNBC would obsess over it, claiming that was why it was written: “This is a political document that he should never have written … This is 200-page op-ed. That is all this is. No prosecutor who wouldn’t want to be disbarred would ever produce anything like this.” (RELATED: Mark Levin Explains What The ‘Greatest Threat To This Country’ Is)

He pointed out that the bulk of “Volume II” was just a series of transcripts that amounted to “he said, she said” hearsay testimony, none of which had been challenged, and it was being treated by many in the media as Gospel.

“Fox & Friends” host Ed Henry pushed back, pointing out that some of the statements came from White House Counsel. ” You’re scolding the White House counsel,” he noted.

“How do you know this is truthful, Ed?” Levin pushed right back. “You have no idea. The prosecutor put words in here that he was told by another individual. That has never been challenged. President says he didn’t say it, so you have no idea. I have no idea. That is why we have a court of law. That is why prosecutors, damn it, are not supposed to write essays like this.”

President Donald Trump responded to the Mueller report Friday morning by claiming that a number of the statements in the report were “fabricated [and] totally untrue.”

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