Odell Beckham Jr. Says He’s Only A ‘Cancer’ To A Team Okay With Losing

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Cleveland Browns receiver Odell Beckham recently had an outstanding tweet directed at his critics.

In response to a fan calling him a cancer in the locker room, ODB tweeted he was only a cancer “to a place that’s ok wit losing because I want to win that BADDD.” (RELATED: New York Giants Trade Odell Beckham Jr. To The Cleveland Browns)

Of all the things the former Giants receiver has ever said this might be the one I agree with most. You wanna accuse him of being a cancer? That’s fine, he’s only a cancer if the team sucks and doesn’t want to win.

That’s some grade-A spin zone if I’ve ever seen it. I need to start employing this kind of logic immediately.

You don’t like something I did? You hate winning. You don’t like my attitude? You love losing. I’ve upset you? It’s only because you can’t get on my level. I’m sure that won’t piss off every single person around me. No, it’ll be just fine.


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If you weren’t already excited for Beckham to be in Cleveland after being traded by the Giants, then you haven’t been paying attention.

I’ve long argued it’ll be entertaining no matter what happens, but his spin attempts if it heads south in two different locations will be legendary.

Week 1 really can’t get here fast enough. I need to see how the Browns and Beckham mesh like I need air in my lungs. It’s going to be must-watch television during the football season.

Prepare for chaos, my friends. There’s no other outcome possible.