Woman Says, ‘Go Trump,’ While Good Samaritan Fixes Her Car

Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot/Red Nation Rising/

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After a good Samaritan stopped to help fix a woman’s car, the two discovered they shared rare mutual support for President Donald Trump.

The incident was captured in a video that has since gone viral on Twitter. The footage shows a man in an American flag t-shirt asking the woman he helped if she is a Trump supporter. The woman exclaims that she is and a joyful scene ensued. (RELATED: Video Shows Woman Being Harassed For Wearing Trump Hat)

“He’s cool. He’s good!” the woman said of Trump. “He loves this country, and he loves people.”

“You make my eyes water,” the man responded.

After the initial encounter, the man then turned his camera and explained how the two unlikely acquaintances bonded over their support for the president. (RELATED: Maxim Model Speaks Out About Her Support For President Trump, After Hiding It For Almost 3 Years)

“I’ve never met a president who loves [the] country like this!” the woman said.

“And that’s why I came to help you, because we are two Americans,” he replied.

The 36-second-video ends with the two telling each other, “God bless you.”

It is unknown exactly when the incident occurred, but the video has gone viral on social media in recent days.

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