Alyssa Milano Pulled Back The Curtain On Brewing Democrat Civil War

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Actress Alyssa Milano pulled back the curtain on the deep divide within the Democratic Party on Thursday, revealing that most of the hateful tweets about her upcoming podcast with former Vice President Joe Biden came from supporters of independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“I expected to get hate-tweets from Trump supporters on this,” she tweeted. “Sadly, most of the hate-tweets are from Bernie supporters.”

“I’m cool with it but let’s get it all out quickly,” Milano added, stressing the need for Democrats to come together. “We won’t beat Trump if we don’t come together. If not for a common candidate, then please, for a common goal.”

Her original post was an announcement about her new podcast, “Sorry Not Sorry,” and the fact that Biden would be joining her for the inaugural episode premiering April 29.

Critics attacked everything from the name of her podcast — saying that “Sorry Not Sorry” was a fitting slogan for Biden after he “didn’t really” apologize to Anita Hill — to Biden’s policy positions over the years. They called him a “corporate Democrat” and a “Reagan Republican,” and several even asked whether part of the podcast would be dedicated to Biden “sniffing things.” (RELATED: Anita Hill Says She’s ‘Not Satisfied’ After Conversation With Biden)

There were a fair number of positive comments, however, and many more asking Milano to invite other Democratic candidates to share their views as well. Milano responded to nearly all of the requests, saying that she would love to hear from as many candidates as possible.

She even responded to critics who challenged her to invite Anita Hill, saying that she had already done so and Hill “has an open invitation.”

Not every critic was obviously supporting Bernie Sanders. There were several whose bios indicated that they were probably conservative, but many of the hate tweets either mentioned Sanders in them specifically or the Twitter users had #Bernie2020 or #DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) in their bios.

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