Steyn: Hillary ‘Clutching At Straws’ About Why She Didn’t Win

Phillip Stucky Contributor
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Conservative commentator Mark Steyn hit former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her refusal to acknowledge that she lost the 2016 presidential election, during a Monday interview with Tucker Carlson.


“I think Hillary Clinton is totally unaware when she says that, you know, you run the best campaign and all the rest of it. She is actually clutching at straws as to why the inevitable candidate did not win. But, this is really the flip side of what you were just talking about with [Mollie Hemingway] right now, because these two stories run in parallel,” Steyn argued. (RELATED: Stacey Abrams: You Can’t ‘Trick Me’ Into Conceding The Race I lost)

“The Democrats essentially provide political cover for all these FBI types monkeying around, wiretapping and surveilling the opposition. Because if the Democrats didn’t lend it political cover, we would all see it for what it is: the deep state gone rogue. The deep state’s investigation of George Papadopoulos and co. provides cover for the Democrats as to why Trump’s Republican victories are never legitimate. In a sense, these two things operate on twin tracks and support each other,” he continued.

“But when you have someone like Stacey Abrams actually saying we don’t need to concede anymore because this entire system is oppressive and out to get us, the Democrats are coming close, actually, to making politics entirely impossible. And when you do that, it doesn’t actually leave much else except civil war. By delegitimizing this process, they are actually playing with matches,” he concluded.

Both Clinton and Georgia politician Stacey Abrams recently asserted that their respective elections were “stolen” from them. Abrams went further, insisting that there was a chance that she could still be Governor of Georgia.

“If you look at my immediate reaction after the election, I refused to concede,” Abrams told The New York Times Magazine in April. “It was largely because I could not prove what had happened, but I knew from the calls that we got that something happened.”

“Now, I cannot say that everybody who tried to cast a ballot would’ve voted for me,” she continued. “But if you look at the totality of the information, it is sufficient to demonstrate that so many people were disenfranchised and disengaged by the very act of the person who won the election that I feel comfortable now saying, ‘I won.'”

Clinton made similar arguments Sunday, implying during a speaking event in California that, even though she won the nomination, the White House was stolen.

“You can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you,” she said.

Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris jumped in to voice her support, as well, adding that “voter suppression” was responsible for Republicans winning the gubernatorial elections in Florida and Georgia during the 2018 election cycle.

“Let’s say this loud and clear: Without voter suppression, Stacey Abrams would be the governor of Georgia. Andrew Gillum is the governor of Florida” Harris said during the Detroit NAACP’s 64th Annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner. “So the truth is we need a new Voting Rights Act.”