Nick Saban Is A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan, Says He’d Recruit The White Walkers

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Alabama football coach Nick Saban is apparently a big fan of “Game of Thrones.”

“I love it. It had to come to this — somebody’s going to win, somebody’s going to lose. That’s the way it always goes,” Saban said on the JOX Round Table Wednesday about the hit HBO show, according to 247Sports. (RELATED: These Are The Sexiest Photos Of ‘Game Of Thrones‘ Star Emilia Clarke On The Internet)

The legendary college football coach, who predicted a Jon Snow victory, also added, “The White Walkers were the bad dudes, man. I mean if we were recruiting, we’d go north and try to recruit some of those guys.”

You can listen to Saban’s full interview below.

It’s no secret I’m not a big fan of the SEC or Alabama. Anybody who has ever read a word of what I’ve ever written knows that.

However, I’ve always respected Nick Saban’s accomplishments, and I respect him even more know that I know he’s a “Game of Thrones” fan. Clearly, he understands greatness whenever he sees it.

Despite my intense hatred for the SEC, I still have to tip my cap here.


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I also love how he just is all in on the White Walkers. They’re nothing but evil and destruction, and Saban is still down to ride with them. (RELATED: ‘Game Of Thrones‘ Is Excellent In New Episode ‘The Last Of The Starks’)

At the very least, he’s a transparent dude. He doesn’t care what your off-the-field issues are as long as you can play, and we all know the White Walkers are a talented group.

Of course, they’re not as talented as Arya, but that’s a discussion for another time.

I’m going to right back to hating Saban and Alabama as soon as I’m done writing this. However, in this immediate moment, I have to agree with the six-time national champion coach.

Props to me for recognizing greatness when I see it as well and admitting when my enemies can temporarily be my allies.

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