Stephen A. Smith Says People Are Urging The Lakers To Trade LeBron James

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Would the Los Angeles Lakers seriously trade LeBron James?

It’s a question being raised by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, and it comes after all the turmoil that’s surrounded the organization over the past year.

“You’ve got folks close to Jeanie Buss imploring her to trade LeBron James,” Smith said in a video he posted Thursday on Twitter. (RELATED: Magic Johnson Steps Down As The President Of Basketball Operations For The Lakers)

In case you didn’t already think the Lakers were a circus, this should be the nail in the coffin. Trading LeBron a year after signing him? Are you kidding me?

If those discussions are honestly going on, then it might be time to just shut the Lakers down. It’d just be proof the team has no idea what the hell it’s doing.

Why would you ever trade the best player on the planet a year after signing him? It makes no sense.


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Seriously, how’d it all go so wrong? How did it go so wrong? It just doesn’t make sense. The Lakers brought in LeBron, they had all the hype in the world and the 2018-2019 campaign was a disaster from start to finish.

I’m honestly not sure it could have gone much worse.

Trading LeBron James would be such a joke that it’s almost hard to even comprehend. What a disaster it’s become in Los Angeles.

There’s really no other way to sum it up.

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