Kim Kardashian’s Daughter Choreographs Adorable Music Video To ‘Old Town Road’

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=433sfPAOoCs)

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Kim Kardashian posted a surprise music video to the hit song “Old Town Road” that her daughter North West choreographed Tuesday.

The video starts out with a clip of Kardashian dressed in a western outfit and playing a banjo with North in the background critiquing her mom’s performance. Kardashian posted the video and captioned it “What we do on maternity leave…. Directed and Choreographed by North.”

The video then switches to focus on North. The five-year-old is dressed up similarly to Jessie from “Toy Story.” She spends the rest of the video doing super impressive dance moves to the rest of the Lil Nas X song featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. (RELATED: Kim Kardashian Took ‘Corset Breathing Lessons’ For The Met Gala)

Kardashian is currently on maternity leave after the surrogate birth of her fourth child. The reality star confirmed the birth on her Twitter on May 10.

Not going to lie here, North is going to be such a star when she grows up. The first child of the Kardashian and Kanye West duo has so much personality. Her dance moves are also amazing.

North is now known for her love of dancing after a video of her and cousin Penelope dancing at West’s church service went viral.