Kim Kardashian Took ‘Corset Breathing Lessons’ For The Met Gala

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

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Kim Kardashian finally revealed the way she got her waist to look unnaturally skinny during her appearance at the 2019 Met Gala.

The reality star showed up to the widely anticipated gala wearing a skin-tight dress made to look like she was dripping wet designed by Manfred Thierry Mugler. Kardashian posted a behind the scenes photo to Instagram over the weekend that explained how she managed to look absurdly skinny.

Many questioned if the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star had a ribs or two removed to make her look this skinny. According to Kardashian’s trainer, a corset from the infamous Mr. Pearl is what really helped her, along with an intense workout regimen.

“… It was beyond couture, it was art! 7 months in the making and fittings in Montreal, Paris and LA. Corset breathing lessons from none other than Mr. Pearl,” Kardashian, 38, shared in her caption. (RELATED: Katy Perry Gets Stuck On The Floor In Hilarious Video From The Met Gala After Party)

The look from the gala was amazing, but after you stare at the photo for awhile Kardashian’s body looks so unnatural. I can’t imagine wearing something so tight you had to take breathing lessons before wearing it. That’s just ridiculous.

I love high fashion, but the things these celebrities do for red carpet looks always blows me away.