UCLA’s Basketball Team Is Getting Close To Being Ineligible For March Madness

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

UCLA’s basketball team could soon be in some serious trouble.

According to the Mercury News, the program’s APR score is only three points above the necessary 930 that is required to be eligible to participate in March Madness. It was also the lowest in the PAC-12.

The APR is a composite academic score used to determine the success of athletic programs in the classroom. If it drops too low, the programs can face sanctions.

The Bruins have now found themselves in that position.


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What a disgrace to UCLA basketball and all the legends who came before the current players. The Bruins are supposed to be one of the best programs in the sport.

They’re an iconic team in the world of college basketball, and now, they might not even be eligible for the tournament? (RELATED: PAC-12 Reportedly Facing Serious Financial Trouble, Expenses Growing Faster Than Revenue)

The PAC-12 is struggling with money, and now, its premier program has problems in the classroom. How does stuff like this even happen?

As somebody who used to work in a college athletic program, I can promise you going to class and remaining eligible is hardly difficult.


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The other problem for UCLA is they have a new coach this season after hiring Mick Cronin. Not only do they have a new leader; he might soon be handcuffed by the NCAA.

Good luck recruiting elite athletes if you’re not eligible for the postseason. That’s the definition of an absolute nightmare.

I know a lot of UCLA people. They’re good people, and they certainly deserve better. What a shame. What a damn shame!

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