Jon Voight: Trump Is ‘Greatest President Since Abraham Lincoln’

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Actor Jon Voight released a two-part video to Twitter Friday night supporting President Trump and decrying the left’s “absurd words of destruction.”

“People of the Republican Party,” Voight said, “I know that you’ll agree with me when I say our president has our utmost respect and our love. This job is not easy, for he’s battling the left and their absurd words of destruction. I’ve said this once and I’ll say this again, that our nation has been built on the solid ground from our forefathers and there is a moral code of duty that has been passed on from President Lincoln. I’m here today to acknowledge the truth, and I’m here today to tell my fellow Americans that our country is stronger, safer, and with more jobs because our president has made his every move correct.”

The conservative actor implored viewers to not “be fooled by the political left” because the people of the United States are “witnessing triumph.” (RELATED: Jon Voight Is Tired Of Trump Haters [VIDEO])

“So let us stand with our president,” Voight concluded. “Let us stand for this truth that President Trump is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln. God bless America, and may God continue to guide this nation.”

Voight, one of the few vocal Trump-supporting actors in Hollywood, rose to fame after playing Joe Buck in 1969’s “Midnight Cowboy.” His long list of movie credits include: “The Odessa File,” “Deliverance,” “The Champ,” “Eternity,” “Heat,” “Mission: Impossible,” “Anaconda,” “The Manchurian Candidate,” “National Treasure,” and “Beyond.”

Most recently, the actor plays U.S. Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger in an upcoming film about Roe v. Wade.

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