‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Doesn’t ‘Care’ If His Pro-Gun Views Hurt His Career

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser isn’t worried one bit if people know he’s a fan of guns.

Hauser, who plays Rip in the hit Paramount Network show, did an an incredible interview with Guns and Ammo, and I’d encourage you all to read the whole thing. He discussed owning several guns, his views on guns, his appreciation for hunting and more. It’s fascinating from start to finish. (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone‘ Season 2 Trailer Gets Released, Promises Lots Of Intense Action)

His most interesting comments might have been about whether or not he worries his views could hurt his career. Trust me, it doesn’t sound like he cares one bit.


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Hauser told Guns and Ammo the following when asked about if he’s worried about his views on guns hurting his career in Hollywood:

Don’t care. [Laughs.] But seriously, I really don’t care. I think being an American and exercising our rights far outweighs my personal achievements and career goals … I have always felt, go and be who you want to be as an American and if you want to own firearms or go hunting, do it. Wherever it is, enjoy it. It is your right.

He also added in his interview that there’s room to talk about “responsibility” with gun ownership, but that he’s also “open about hunting and gun ownership, even in Hollywood.”


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I love these comments for Hauser. It’s about time somebody in Hollywood was willing to take a firm stand for the Second Amendment, and not back down one bit.

Hauser owns guns, he knows how to use them, he enjoys using them, his family knows how to use them and there’s not a damn thing anybody out there can do about it.

I can also guarantee you the vast majority of “Yellowstone” fans feel the exact same way.


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It also takes some serious stones to just straight up say you don’t care if your pro-gun views impact your career in a negative way. (RELATED: Luke Grimes Says Kayce Will ‘Face The Demons’ In Season 2 Of ‘Yellowstone’)

As the saying goes, sometimes the man who stands for what is correct must be willing to stand alone. I’m sure there are more pro-Second Amendment guys in Hollywood, but how many major stars would be as vocal and clear as Hauser was in that interview?

My guess would be not many at all.


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In an era when free speech is being stifled and conservatives in Hollywood are being forced underground, it’s insanely refreshing to hear Hauser have firm beliefs and back them up without any fear of what could happen.

Make sure to catch “Yellowstone” season two starting June 19 on the Paramount Network.