Kirsten Gillibrand Qualifies For The Democratic Debate Stage

(REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has qualified for the Democratic presidential debates that will take place later in June, her campaign announced Monday.

Gillibrand officially surpassed 65,000 donors over the weekend, meeting the criteria to earn a spot in the debates in Miami, Florida. (RELATED: What Is The ‘Sex Cult’ That Kirsten Gillibrand’s Father Allegedly Lobbied For?)

“Huge news: Over the weekend, we crossed 65,000 donors to our campaign—guaranteeing our spot at the first debates!” Gillibrand said on Twitter. “I’m so grateful to everyone who’s helping power this campaign. We have a lot more work to do in the months to come, but for now: Thank you.”

Once considered a leading voice in the Democratic party, the Empire State senator has struggled to get her campaign off the ground. Most recent polls have shown Gillibrand capturing either 0% or 1% of the vote in the crowded Democratic primary. In addition to the fundraising threshold, candidates can also qualify for the debate by consistently reaching 1% in polling.

Gillibrand is the 22nd candidate to qualify for the debates after little-known Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet qualified last week. With only 20 podiums allotted at the debate, not all 22 will be allowed to appear, and the Democratic National Committee will prioritize those who met both the fundraising and polling thresh-hold.  (RELATED: Gillibrand Rips Fox News’ Abortion During Network’s Town Hall)

Gillibrand made waves over the weekend when she danced at a gay bar and shouted “gay rights,” with some conservatives accusing Gillibrand of pandering.

Gillibrand has faced heated criticism for 180 turns she has made on major policy issues, especially on immigration and guns. The NRA recently posted a fawning letter that Gillibrand wrote the organization when she was a congresswoman in 2008, where she praised the organization and said she “looked forward to working with” the NRA “for many years.”

11 years later, Gillibrand now refers to the NRA as “the worst organization in the country.”

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