Kendall Jenner’s Alleged Stalker Was Just Deported By ICE

(Photo credit JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP/Getty Images)

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Kendall Jenner’s alleged stalker was reportedly deported Tuesday back to Canada by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

John Ford, 38, has been deported from the United States after his trial in El Paso, Texas, according to a report published by TMZ.

Ford was originally arrested in March after law enforcement hunted him down.

His first encounter with Jenner occurred when he broke into the gated community where Jenner lives. He pleaded guilty to trespassing and was ordered to stay 1,000 feet away from the neighborhood.

The next encounter occurred when he scaled the hill at her Calabasas home and ended up lounging by her pool. He was charged with criminal trespassing and violating a protective order, according to TMZ. (RELATED: Supermodel Kendall Jenner Thinks She’s The Least Sexy Of All Her Sisters)

Jenner’s alleged stalker’s visa was expired and Ford has been flown out of the U.S. back to Ontario, Canada.

“Our special agents acted quickly on this tip to ensure that this obsessive behavior didn’t escalate to become a tragedy,” ICE agents told TMZ.

Thank God Kendall Jenner isn’t in immediate danger anymore. Apparently, authorities thought this guy could get violent. Jenner is now safe and sound and nobody is going to just appear in her backyard anymore.

Everyone can now rest.