REPORT: Three NBA Teams Will Still Offer Kevin Durant A Max Contract After Achilles Injury

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Multiple teams will reportedly still offer Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant a max deal after he injured his Achilles.

Durant suffered a brutal Achilles injury in Game 5 of the NBA finals against the Raptors, and it has led people to speculate about what he’ll do in the future. (RELATED: Golden State Warriors Win Game 5 Of The NBA Finals Over The RaptorsKevin Durant Suffers Achilles Injury)

According to Sports Illustrated, there are three teams still willing to offer a max contract. The Knicks were believed to be his landing spot in the offseason, but now it’s completely unclear what will happen.

Durant could also exercise his team option and remain with the Warriors with a guaranteed salary next season of $31.5 million.

Offering Durant a max deal could get him paid around $38 million yearly. That’s a ton of cash to pay a guy who you don’t even know will play again.

Achilles injures aren’t like spraining an ankle. It could take a very long time to come back from, and there’s no guarantee at all Durant will ever return to elite form.

I’m not saying he won’t return to the player he was before his Achilles injury, but giving him a massive guaranteed deal is one hell of a major risk to take.

Honestly, I have no idea what will happen. He’s going to miss the vast majority of next season. So, any team that cuts him a huge check will do it knowing he won’t play.

The NBA has a short time window for success and spending a large part of the cap on a guy who can’t step onto the court is a gamble not many would probably advise.


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