Sony Wanted To Merge ‘Men In Black’ With ’21 Jump Street’ For Crossover Film

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The disaster surrounding “Men in Black: International” almost also consumed “21 Jump Street.”

The two films almost merged into one movie before the deal fell apart for Sony when one producer didn’t go along with the plan, according to The Hollywood Reporter on Monday. (RELATED: ‘Men in Black: International’ Tanks At The Box Office, Earns Only $28.5 Million In Domestic Debut)

Yes, you read that correctly. The film studio actually considered merging the two movies into one. When it fell apart, a “Men in Black” movie was chosen as the best option forward.

Clearly, that was incredibly stupid because “Men in Black: International” tanked at the box office to the tune of only earning $28.5 million during its debut weekend.

It’s truly stunning how bad Sony fumbled the ball here. It’s mind-boggling. A new “Men in Black” film should have been a hit considering the first three movies were all massive hits.

Instead, “International” was apparently straight trash. The fact that they wanted to merge it with the “Jump Street” movies is beyond stupid.

One is a comedy about undercover cops. The other is a movie about aliens! What the hell do those two have in common?

Anybody who actually thinks a crossover would have been good is an idiot. Just a straight up idiot. These two franchises, while great in their own rights, shouldn’t ever be near each other.

The fact that I have to even state that openly is absurd.

Shame on all the people who even thought this was a good idea. I seriously question the judgement of every single one of them.

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