Arizona Cardinals Player Robert Nkemdiche Arrested For Allegedly Speeding With A Suspended License

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Arizona Cardinals defensive end Robert Nkemdiche might be in a shade of hot water after a recent arrest.

The talented defensive end was arrested in Scottsdale in early June after being pulled over for allegedly doing 30 MPH over the speed limit, according to ABC 15 Arizona Wednesday afternoon. It was then revealed he had an outstanding warrant after missing a court hearing for allegedly driving without a license. A white powder was found in his car, but wasn’t tested. (RELATED: Kliff Kingsbury Says He Likes Kyler Murray‘s Attitude, Says He’s Taking Some ‘Chances’)

He was arrested on a warrant for allegedly speeding and for allegedly driving on a suspended license.


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These are the kinds of arrests that just make no sense when it comes to professional athletes. They have plenty of money. If they need to go somewhere and have a suspended license, then get an Uber. It’s really not hard to figure out at all.

Instead, Nkemdiche allegedly chose to drive himself and now he’s got more legal issues to deal with. Not smart at all.


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In the grand scheme of things, these are minor charges and certainly won’t derail his career. They are a sign, however, that he should probably think a bit harder about the decisions he’s making.

He’s an NFL player for the Arizona Cardinals. He’s not some average Joe who can just do whatever they want without generating attention.

This arrest, while not super serious, is an embarrassment for the Cardinals that they don’t need to be dealing with.


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It shouldn’t be hard to be a shade smarter. It shouldn’t be difficult at all.

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