Kliff Kingsbury Spied On The Social Media Accounts Of Players When Coaching At Texas Tech

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Kliff Kingsbury monitored his players’ social media accounts when he was the head coach at Texas Tech.

The Arizona Cardinals new coach will reportedly let his players get phone breaks during meetings, and AZCentral.com dug up an interesting nugget from a few years ago.

Kingsbury said during a 2016 appearance on A.J. Hawk’s podcast that the accounts of his players were “heavily monitored,” and he’d use “fake accounts with cute girls” to get the job done.

Kingsbury might take some heat for spying on his players, but he was 100% justified in doing it, especially at the college level.

We’re talking about young men. We’re talking about teenagers in several cases. You know who makes really dumb decisions? (RELATED: Kliff Kingsbury Says He Likes Kyler Murray’s Attitude, Says He’s Taking Some ‘Chances’)

Young men. It’s just wired into their DNA, and social media provides plenty of time for stupid actions. Kingsbury easily being able to follow his players with fake profiles of good looking women only further backs up my point.


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I’d probably do the exact same thing. It’s a bit sad we have to be so worried about social media, but that’s the way it is.

If you’re on the Cardinals, I’d suggest being very careful about what you post. It’s a bit different because they’re pros, but it sounds like your head coach will will absolutely be watching.


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Of course, if you have an ounce of common sense, then you’re probably not posting dumb stuff on social media anyways.

Some people might be shocked to learn it’s actually not overly difficult to think before hitting the send button online. It’s shockingly easy.

We’ll have to see if the Cardinals players change anything now that it’s been brought back up that Kingsbury is a bit of a spy.

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