Cam Newton Offers Plane Passenger $1,500 To Switch Seats, Gets Turned Down

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Cam Newton offered a man a ton of money to switch seats during a recent flight.

A video posted on Twitter by Eli Edwards late Friday night showed the Carolina Panthers quarterback offering somebody $1,500 to switch seats. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Hottest Women On Instagram)

You’d think that’d be more than enough money to get the job done, but it didn’t work for Newton. When negotiations failed, he returned to his regular seat.

Watch the exchange below.

Generally speaking, I’m only ever going to sit in an aisle seat on a plane. My legs are far too long to be sitting cramped in the middle of a row.

Newton is even larger than I am by a considerable amount. I empathize with him, and I don’t blame him for trying to throw some cash down to get a better seat.

Giving a guy $1,500 to switch seats is outrageous! That’s the kind of money that can just buy you a new flight.

The fact he got turned down is unreal. I would sit in the middle of a row in a heartbeat for $1,500. I don’t care how uncomfortable my legs get.

Just hand me a few beers, I’ll put my headphones on and everything will take care of itself. This guy not even hesitating to turn Newton down is some next level craziness.

Finally, I’m a little surprised the NFL star just doesn’t fly private. He’s been rich for a long time and should have more than enough to charter a flight.

Of all the parts about this video, that might honestly be the most shocking. Either way, the guy he wanted to swap with apparently must be doing just fine financially in order to turn down $1,500 to simply swap seats.