Eli Manning Says He Doesn’t Feel Like He’s In A QB ‘Competition’ With Daniel Jones

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning doesn’t sound worried about Daniel Jones taking his spot.

The Giants drafted Jones out of Duke to be the passer of the future for the franchise whenever the two-time Super Bowl champion finally decides to hang it up. However, head coach Pat Shurmur has left the door open to Jones potentially playing before Manning retires. (RELATED: Giants Rookie Quarterback Daniel Jones Discusses His Transition Into Pro Football)

Manning told the NFL Network the following in an article posted Friday:

I mean no, I don’t feel like it’s a competition. I feel like I’ve got to do my job and I’ve got to compete every day and try to get better every day. That’s the way it’s been my whole life and that’s just the way I’ve always approached practice every day to improve, to earn my place on the team, to earn the respect of the teammates and do it each year.

He also added he’ll do what he can to help Jones prepare and make the Giants “successful.”


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I’d be pretty shocked if Manning got benched for Jones at any point in the near future. The youngest Manning brother is a legend in the city after bringing home two Lombardi trophies.

We also all saw what happened the last time the Giants benched him. Fans revolted and it cost people their jobs. I highly doubt Shurmur wants to repeat those mistakes.

They need to let Eli Manning finish out his career, let Jones learn what he can from the bench and then hand the keys over to the heir apparent when it’s time.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, expects the Giants to do anything this season. There’s no point in throwing Jones to the wolves for a team that isn’t any good anyways.

Let him be a sponge that soaks up as much as he can from Manning. The rest of it will take care of itself down the road.