‘Cocaine Mitch’ Strikes Back And More Liberal Failures

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s podcast we take a look at the latest, and perhaps the most insane, attack on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – that he should support reparations because two of his great-great-grandfathers owned slaves. But “Cocaine Mitch” had the perfect comeback. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has another controversy, but in this one she wasn’t attacking Jews, she was attacking America. But, as with much of what she says, it was a lie anyway. The establishment media is desperate to tie President Trump to accused pervert Jeffrey Epstein, yet they’re ignoring Bill Clinton’s close ties. The Washington Post criticizes Joe Biden for a phrase he uses all the time, BET founder Robert Johnson receives the wrath of the left for pointing out an inconvenient reality about the President, and metal straws kill!

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If you go after “Cocaine Mitch,” you’d better not miss. NBC News tried and failed, with a supposed “news” story about how some of Mitch McConnell’s ancestors owned slaves so he should support reparations. McConnell had the perfect comeback, we get into all of it.

Ilhan Omar was caught lying to high school students to make the country that took her in as a refugee look racist. But the story, about a black woman who stole a loaf of bread to feed her starving grandchild, mirrors Les Miserables and not the reality of the laws in Minnesota. The Washington Post glossed over it, but it matters. We explain.

Media outlets are desperate to tie President Trump to accused pervert billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, but they’re curiously ignoring thew well documented ties between Epstein and former President Bill Clinton. We expose it all and why it’s happening.

The Washington Post is criticizing Joe Biden over his use of the phrase, “C’mon, man,” because it’s aggressive and gendered. You can’t make this up, and rip it apart.

America’s first black billionaire should be someone celebrated by everyone as a testament to the greatness of America. But when Robert Johnson, founder of BET, said positive things about the effects of the Trump economy on minorities and that the Democratic Party has moved too far left for his taste, the knives came out. The long-time Democrat with a history of financial support for the party is now being attacked because people Democrats view as “theirs” aren’t allowed to think differently. We have the audio and rip the racist stupidity apart.

Finally, a woman was impaled on a metal straw and died. Environmentalism kills, long live plastic! We have the story.

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