Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Season 2, Episode 3 ‘The Reek Of Desperation’ Behind-The-Scenes Video

Yellowstone (Credit: Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The inside look at the latest “Yellowstone” episode is worth watching for fans of the hit Paramount Network show.

As you all know, the third episode of season two, “The Reek of Desperation,” aired Wednesday night, and was packed full of plot development. (RELATED: New ‘Yellowstone‘ Episode ‘The Reek Of Desperation’ Provides Tons Of Plot Development, Not Much Action)

We had Jamie dropping out of the race and returning home, we had Jimmy getting into a fight with a group of druggies who knew him, John and the governor are back on good terms, Malcolm Beck and her brother got introduced, and Kayce is now in the livestock law enforcement agency.

Now viewers get to go behind the scenes of how it all went down. Give the awesome video below a watch.

Again, this episode had so much plot development in it. We had virtually no action outside of Jimmy’s fight, but you can tell it’s on the horizon.

The Beck brothers are finally in play, and that’s what we’ve all been waiting for.

Now, with the table set for battle, I think we’re going to get some major action and developments in episode four “Only Devils Left.”

If those druggies show up to the ranch, they’re dead.  You best believe that. Tune in next Wednesday for an all new “Yellowstone.” It should be great.