Tucker Carlson: ‘Guys Who Are Literally Armed With Steel Bars And Have Black Masks On Are Calling Other People Fascists’

Claire Smith Contributor
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Tucker Carlson elaborated Monday on what he has observed from the left side of the political spectrum, including the Freudian idea that “whatever they say you’re doing is precisely what they’re doing.”

“I really think Antifa was maybe the moment when I figured it out. The guys who are literally armed with steel bars and have black masks on are calling other people fascists,” Carlson said.

The name “Antifa” is supposed to represent an organization which is anti-fascism, but Carlson points to the fact that they act more like fascists than anyone. (RELATED: Tucker Refuses To Be Silenced By Ilhan Omar’s Racism Accusation: Unfit To Print Podcast)

The Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder made the comments as a keynote speaker for the National Conservatism Conference in Washington D.C. on Monday.

He continued to describe how what the left fears about themselves, they will transfer onto you. He stated that once you understand the concept of what the left is doing, it applies to almost anything.

“It’s the Rosetta Stone for their behavior,” Carlson continued.

“And if you’re me … the most bewildering of all is: ‘you’re a racist, you’re a racist’… I guess at this point I should just admit it, but I’m actually not,” said Carlson. “I make an affirmative case against racism like all the time on my show.” (RELATED: Tucker Interviews Portland Reporter Who Was Threatened By Antifa)

Carlson then referred to the time when an Antifa mob showed up to his door: “I wake up and open my door to get the paper, you’re a racist!”

“It’s amazing that the people who are so focused on the subject of race are the ones who are denouncing everyone else as racist,” he said. “It’s not actually a matter of trying to convince you of their programming. It really is a very specific and recognizable psychological syndrome.”

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