Tucker Says Elizabeth Warren Has Written The Most Important Social Conservative Literature Of The Last 10 Years

Claire Smith Contributor
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Tucker Carlson said Elizabeth Warren has written the most important social conservative literature of the last 10 years during his keynote speech at the National Conservatism Conference on Monday.

Carlson referred to Warren’s book written alongside her daughter, “The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Mothers and Fathers Are Going Broke.”

Warren’s book “makes a revolutionary point which is: the single biggest change to our society got almost no press. And that was the moment it became impossible for the average person to support a family on one income. That has a huge effect, a massive effect on everything. It really is kind of the key to ‘woke’ capitalism,” Carlson claimed.

“So we’re not kind of having that conversation, Elizabeth Warren did. She’s making the case that we ought to be working toward a society in which a parent can stay home to raise the kids,” Carlson continued. (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Breaks Down Big Tech)

Carlson continued to explain that when the left praises topics like abortion due to their economic benefits, what they really mean is that “unencumbered by concerns of family and children, women can become obedient servants to global capitalism.”

Carlson then highlighted how this idea of being able to raise your children on one income is hardly ever brought up, despite its importance and support.

“The point is most people want that actually. What’s so interesting and it’s a measure of how impoverished our national conversation is. This is never discussed … it’s the most important thing.”

After praising Warren for bringing up the two-income trap in her book, he went on to criticize Republican lawmakers, specifically for their liberalization of immigration policy in order to garner Hispanic votes. (RELATED: Yes, Elizabeth Warren Is Featured In The Pocahontas Exhibit At The National Museum Of The American Indian)

He says that Hispanic voters don’t want open borders, they want to be able to afford to raise their families.

“It never occurs to the geniuses on the Hill, if you’re making a play for non-traditional Republican votes, maybe you should take a non-traditionally Republican position on something, and why wouldn’t it be a profound position in favor of raising your own children?”