Tucker Explains Why Liberals Like Ralph Northam Support Abortion

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Tucker Carlson used a quote from Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to delve into a root cause of why so many liberals support abortion.

“We believe that reproductive freedom leads to economic freedom for women,” the Fox News host quoted Northam as saying about his views on abortion. But, according to Carlson, “none of that is true,” and his segment aimed to prove that point.


“There was a brief window between the moment he publicly endorsed infanticide and the day reporters found a Klan hood on his yearbook page, and on that day Ralph Northam held a press conference to explain why he supports abortion,” Carlson began before quoting the Virginia governor on the topic of abortion.

“Freedom,” said Carlson. “We have heard that word countless times from pro-choice politicians. The argument, of course: abortion is liberation, abortion sets you free. None of that is true. The closer you get the more obviously false it is. At best, abortion is a deeply sad thing. Ask anyone who has had one. So why does our ruling class keep pushing abortion on the country? Well, Ralph Northam just explained it as clearly as anyone has. ‘Abortion leads to economic freedom,’ he said. ‘It brings prosperity.’ Almost everyone in coastal America believes this as a matter of faith.”

Carlson explained how “former hedge fund executive” Chelsea Clinton equated women in the workforce to the beginning of the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling. (RELATED: Tucker Gets In Wild Debate Over Abortion With Pro-Choice Guest)

“In other words, abortion boosts markets,” said the Fox News host. “It frees women from the tiresome demands of motherhood and allows them to fulfill their higher duty, which is to corporations. Childless women make more dutiful, obedient workers. They can work longer hours. They take less time off. They are loyal to company first. This is all great for GDP. Chelsea Clinton and the rest of the investor class strongly approve of it. Stop breathing and get to work—that’s how they feel.”

Tucker explained how having children has become a “selfish choice,” even a Daily Telegraph columnist called on governments to ban.

“So this is the real reason our elites so enthusiastically support abortion,” Carlson concluded. “It doesn’t set you free. It won’t make you happier. But it will make companies more profitable and that’s what matters most to them. Pro-choice means pro-corporate. Whatever else he’s done, Ralph Northam has made that clear.”

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