‘Send Her Back!’ — Trump Crowd Has Its Own Idea About What To Do With Ilhan Omar

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A Greenville, North Carolina crowd chanted “send her back” Wednesday night while President Donald Trump was speaking about Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.


“Omar blamed the United States for the terrorist attacks on our country, saying that terrorism is a reaction to our involvement in other people’s affairs,” Trump said as he brought up the Minnesota congresswoman, referring to the ongoing feud bolstered by the president’s Sunday tweet saying Omar and three other Democratic congresswomen should “go back” to their countries. “She smeared U.S. servicemembers involved in Black Hawk Down. In other words, she slandered the brave Americans who were trying to keep peace in Somalia.”

Trump took particular issue with Omar’s “some people did something” comments about the September 11 attacks, noting that the congresswoman also “pleaded for compassion for ISIS recruits attempting to join the terrorist organization.”

As Trump brought up recently unearthed comments Omar made in 2013 about Al Qaeda, several in the crowd could be heard chanting “send her back!” (RELATED: ‘Four Horsewomen Of The Apocalypse’ — Sen. John Kennedy Rips Squad ‘Whack Jobs’)

“And obviously and importantly, Omar has a history of launching vicious anti-Semitic screeds …” Trump said as the rest of the crowd seemed to catch on with the chant.

“Send her back! Send her back!” the crowd chanted as Trump continued with his speech.

“She talked about the evil Israel and it’s ‘all about the Benjamins,’ not a good thing to say. So that’s Omar. That’s Omar,” he said.