Yankees Manager Ejected After Calling His Players ‘Savages’

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone argues with MLB umpire Brennan Miller. (YouTube/Screenshot/Public - User: Jomboy Media)

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New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone went on an epic rant Thursday after being upset with how the strike zone was being called early in the game by home plate umpire Brennan Miller.

Boone was tossed in the second inning after finally having enough when Brett Gardner struck out on a close inside pitch. Boone can be heard over the broadcast exchanging some profanities with Miller before hitting the showers. (RELATED: Yankees Sign 16-Year-Old Jasson Dominguez To Minor League Contract)

Here is the video, via Jomboy Media:

This is one of the best ejections of the season, right up there with Ron Gardenhire and Gabe Kapler. Gardner’s reaction in the dugout was also hilarious as he started banging his bat against anything in his way.

The anger flares up as DJ LeMahieu, who doesn’t complain very often about pitches, starts a minor disagreement with Miller. Boone finally had enough after that, opting to continue yelling until he was finally thrown out.

As for Boone’s actual conversation, it was civil for the most part. He complimented his own team by calling them “savages” in the box, as well as the opponent’s starting pitcher. Boone was simply asking for a better zone for both teams.


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Even if it was the Yankees, I loved this rant by Boone. My favorite part was easily when Boone clapped right into the face of the umpire lecturing him to “tighten it up” as the game moves on without the manager watching.

Growing up, this was what baseball was all about and a truly magical part of the game. You loved seeing your manager complain about calls and stick up for his group of players. Now, with replay controlling almost everything during the game, you have much less of that.

Thank you Aaron Boone for continuing the old tradition that fans love so much.

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