Jim Harbaugh Releases New Statement After Mental Health And Transferring Comments

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Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh has clarified some recent comments about mental health.

The UM coach, who is advocating for letting players transfer once with immediate eligibility, has been in some hot water after some thought he was insensitive on the subject when discussing players using mental health as a reason to transfer. (RELATED: July Is The Final Month Of 2019 Without College Football)

On of his former players, James Hudson, tried to use mental health as an explanation for why he transferred out of the Wolverines program. It’s clearly a topic that hits close to home for the coach and program.

Harbaugh said the following in part on Friday during a ESPNU interview, according to Cincinatti.com:

And the other piece that bothers me about it is the youngster that says, ‘This is a mental health issue. I’m suffering from depression.’ Or that’s a reason to get eligible. And once that’s known: ‘Hey, say this or say that’ to get eligible. The problem I see in that is you’re going to have guys that are, ‘OK, yeah, I’m depressed.’ Say what they’ve got to say. But down the road I don’t see that helping them if it’s not a legitimate thing. But nobody would know. But what are you going to say? Ten years down the road – ‘I just had to say what I had to say?’ And I think you’re putting them in a position that’s unfair, not right. 

I care very deeply about mental health. I’m not saying everybody’s lying about that. Just saying ‘OK, this is America.’ You started at this school, you didn’t like it and for whatever the reason is, you’re freely allowed to transfer to any other school like any other human being would have a right to do. That’s really the bottom line.

In an attempt to clarify what he meant with his statements, Harbaugh said Saturday in a statement released on Twitter people “could not be more wrong” when saying he is “dodging or pushing pushing an agenda.”

You can read his full statement below.

Honestly, I don’t think Harbaugh had any reason to clarify what he said. He made it very clear he takes mental health seriously, and at the same time he made a point about players saying whatever it takes to get eligible.

He addressed both issues, and he really seemed to do it in a clear way. If I had been him, I just wouldn’t have said anything else going forward.

I hate Michigan football, but any criticism of Harbaugh in this situation is simply not justified.


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I really can’t believe I have to be the voice of reason here, and defend Harbaugh. It’s not something I thought I’d be doing at all today, but here we are.

Harbaugh was making a good point, he was fair and there was literally no reason at all to criticize him. It’s just another example of people just needing something to be upset about.

Again, I’m as unbiased as they come on this because I have zero loyalty to Harbaugh. Literally none at all.

Harbaugh made a solid point, and let’s leave it at that.