Black Pastor Says It’s ‘Hard To Believe’ That Trump Is Racist After Meeting With Him

(Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Reverend Bill Owens said Monday that he finds it “hard to believe” that President Donald Trump is racist after attending a meeting at the White House with other “inner city pastors.”

Trump revealed on Twitter that he would be meeting with the pastors, an event that was not initially on the president’s schedule. It is unclear if the event was added after critics accused the president of racism for tweeting that Baltimore, MD is infested with rats, and is a place that “no human being” would want to live. Owens claimed that the event was scheduled over a week ago and that it was not meant to be damage control.

Owens pushed back on the characterization of Trump’s comments about Baltimore as racist. Owens, who is 80-years-old and the president of the Coalition of African American Pastors, said “I know[s] [racism] when I see it.” (RELATED: Media Plays The Racist Card After Trump Calls Baltimore Rat-Infested)

“I find that hard to believe that Trump is racist,” Owens told reporters, adding that he thinks the president could do more to speak out against racism.

“We discussed the issues facing the black community. There are many,” Owens explained, noting that Baltimore was not on the agenda for the meeting but that he thinks Trump should visit the city.

Owens has previously criticized ex-NFL star Colin Kaepernick for opposing the Betsy Ross flag and is a vocal supporter of the president.