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You, Too, Can Meet Ben Shapiro, But It’ll Cost You

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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If I’m going to pay to meet someone, it had better be on the level of LeBron James or [fill in the BLANK superstar].

Not that blue-eyed Ben Shapiro isn’t enticing in his own geeky political way.

But I’m not fucking paying $246.50 to meet him.


“My disgust at the arrogance is only surpassed by the possibility that people would pay it,” a Washington journalist who wanted to remain anonymous emailed me.

But maybe you’re not me or my anonymous pal.

And maybe you want to fork over hundreds of smackers to meet Ben Shapiro. (RELATED: Shapiro’s Best Moments)

Well, now you can.

For $246 you can greet Shapiro backstage at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach in late August, where he and the Daily Wire crew will be drinking whiskey, smoking cigars and talking politics and pop culture. For less, you can just see him. The lowest price point is $36.50, but this means you’ll be sitting in the nosebleed section.

Don’t get me wrong. Ben Shapiro (who has one of those names that needs to be said in its entirety) is a nice guy. He once bought me breakfast at Washington’s Jewish Community Center.

Short of walking on water, his mere presence isn’t getting my money.

I asked around about this.

“I love Ben Shapiro,” a journo pal of mine texted me. “I love it when he puts these privileged, non-informed kids in their places. Politely. On that note, where is he going to be? I’m down.”

Another writer confided, “I would never pay to see Benny Johnson, LOL.”

(My source apparently can’t read.)

Here are some things that might sway me with a Shapiro brand speaking fee:

He becomes a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars.”

He invites me to go TV makeup shopping with him at Sephora.

He pays a visit to “Love Island.”

My editor foots the bill for me to meet him and orders me to go.*

*This one is borderline iffy.